Instructions Following Crown, Bridge, Inlay/Onlay

What to Expect After Tooth Preparation:

  • It is common for the tooth and surrounding gums to feel sensitive and tender for a few days following preparation. Should these sensations continue beyond this period, please contact our office for assistance.
  • After anesthesia administration, it’s recommended to avoid chewing, biting, or eating until the numbness subsides.
  • Your tooth’s final restoration can be placed either immediately after preparation or scheduled for another appointment.

How to Care for Your Temporary Restoration:

  • Adhere to a diet consisting of soft foods and steer clear of anything hard or crunchy. 
  • When cleaning, gently brush and floss around the restoration every day. Be cautious when flossing to avoid loosening the temporary restoration. 
  • Should the temporary restoration become loose or damaged, we urge you to promptly contact our office for assistance.

How to Care for Your Final Restoration:

  • For optimal bonding, avoid eating hard or crunchy foods for the first 24 hours following the procedure.
  • It’s typical to experience slight sensitivity to hot or cold foods following dental procedures. This typically improves within a couple of weeks. However, if you continue to experience sensitivity beyond six weeks, please contact us.
  • To ensure your restoration lasts, maintain proper oral hygiene habits and visit our office regularly for checkups.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our office if you experience any discomfort or have inquiries about your treatment.