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Dental Exams in Wayne

Comprehensive Dental Exam
Fine Dental Care provides comprehensive dental exams in Wayne, NJ.
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The dental examination is a diagnostic evaluation of a patient’s overall oral health and hygiene.

During a dental examination, the doctor or hygienist will perform an oral cancer exam. This involves feeling around the cheeks, gums, and tongue, under the jaw, and the sides of the neck for signs of oral cancer. In addition to this, they will also...

  • check for signs of decay or periodontal disease
  • check for caries or plaque which can lead to gum disease
  • ask about any medications
  • x-ray using low radiation digital imaging
  • evaluate occlusion (bite)
  • evaluate TMJ function 
  • discuss proper cleaning
  • remove stains or debris
  • take a dental impression
  • discuss concerns about sleep apnea or snoring
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