Our Dental Technology

At Fine Dental Care, we’re thrilled to provide state-of-the-art dental technology that enhances your treatment experience and maximizes your results. Our advanced tools and devices ensure precise diagnostics, less invasive procedures, and the most comfortable visits possible. We are committed to making your dental care experience positive, reassuring, and enjoyable, so you can feel confident in the health and beauty of your smile. Join us in discovering the benefits of modern dental technology and how it can transform your oral health journey!

Cone Beam 3D Scanner for Advanced Imaging

Dental Technology in Wayne, NJ | Dr. Bruce Fine | Fine Dental CareOur cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) imaging system represents a significant advancement over traditional dental X-rays. CBCT scanners expose patients to less radiation and provide clearer, more detailed visual data. As a result, this technology allows for precise diagnoses and treatment planning. The 3D imaging capabilities enable us to view your oral structure from various angles, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of your dental health. These features of CBCT scanners make the device particularly valuable for dental implant treatment planning.

Soft Tissue Laser Treatments

Utilizing the latest soft tissue lasers, we provide minimally invasive gum surgeries that reduce discomfort, promote quicker healing, and lower the risk of infection. These lasers allow for precise soft tissue cutting while minimizing bleeding. Additionally, they often eliminate the need for conventional drills and anesthesia.

Digital X-Ray Technology

Digital X-rays are a cornerstone of modern dental diagnostics. Compared to traditional film X-rays, they require significantly less radiation and offer immediate results. This technology allows for enhanced interaction, as we can easily display the images on a computer screen to help you understand and engage in your treatment plan.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for Greater Efficiency

Our use of Electronic Medical Records enhances the efficiency and accuracy of your visits. EMRs allow for rapid retrieval of your health information, ensuring that every detail is at our fingertips during every appointment. This system safeguards your privacy and supports environmental sustainability by reducing paper use.

Digital Intraoral Cameras for Enhanced Visualization

Digital intraoral cameras transform your dental visits by providing real-time, detailed images of your mouth. This tool helps us observe and discuss any dental issues with clarity, improving your understanding of your oral health and necessary treatments.

Prophy-Jet Polishing

For a brighter, cleaner smile, we employ Prophy-Jet polishing technology. This advanced cleaning method uses a mixture of water and baking soda, sprayed under pressure, to remove stubborn stains and plaque more effectively than traditional polishing methods.

Electronic Apex Locator for Precision Endodontics

Our electronic apex locators ensure precise root canal treatments by accurately measuring the length of the root canal. This device helps us better clean and shape the canal, significantly reducing the risk of post-treatment infection and complications.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Early detection is crucial in the fight against oral cancer. We use specialized lighting technology to detect early signs of abnormal tissue. This screening tool helps us identify potentially cancerous lesions at an early stage, enhancing the effectiveness of intervention and treatment.

Piezo Electric Handpieces for Surgery

Our Piezo electric handpieces are used in gum and bone surgeries to remove diseased tissue gently and efficiently. This tool allows for precise, minimally invasive surgery, reducing recovery time and discomfort.

Digital Flat Screen Monitors (and More!) for Patient Comfort

Each treatment chair is equipped with a digital flat screen monitor, allowing you to view movies or TV shows during your treatment. These monitors also serve an educational purpose: They enable you to view your dental radiographs and better understand our findings. Furthermore, we enhance the relaxation of your visit with music and free Wi-Fi access throughout our office.

Experience Our Cutting-Edge Dental Technology Today

Embrace the future of dental care with us at Fine Dental Care in Wayne, NJ. Our modern technology and patient-focused approach ensure the best outcomes and a pleasant dental experience. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment and experience the difference advanced technology makes in dental care.