Dental Veneers in Wayne, NJ

According to recent survey results, about one-third of American adults think their teeth are unattractive. We never want you to feel self-conscious about your teeth. If you are looking for a way to improve your smile and boost your self-confidence, we can help! Dental veneers are an excellent cosmetic solution that can dramatically enhance your smile.

At Fine Dental Care, we provide custom veneers that can improve a variety of aesthetic concerns. Whether you want to address gaps, uneven tooth lengths, slight misalignments, discoloration, chips, or the shape of your teeth, veneers provide a substantial aesthetic improvement with a natural look. Let us help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted!

What Are Dental Veneers?

Veneers are thin shells that adhere to the front surface of teeth, extending slightly around the sides and biting edges for a complete and seamless look. They are meticulously crafted to blend with your natural teeth, enhancing your smile while maintaining a natural appearance.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dental Veneers?

Candidates must have healthy gums and teeth free from gum disease, tooth decay, or severe enamel erosion. We can address any existing dental issues before veneer placement.

Veneers also require a certain amount of enamel to be removed to ensure a proper fit. Therefore, individuals with adequate enamel are the best candidates.

Those who clench or grind their teeth might risk damaging their veneers. If you suffer from nighttime clenching or grinding, we may recommend a night guard to help protect the veneers.

Veneer Uses

If you meet the above eligibility requirements and have one or more of the following concerns, veneers may be right for you:

  • Gaps between the teeth
  • Slightly crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Severely stained or discolored teeth that teeth whitening can’t fix
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Worn down, short, or uneven teeth

Types of Dental Veneers

Several types of veneers are available, each designed to suit different needs and preferences:

  • Porcelain veneers: Known for their durability and high-quality appearance, porcelain veneers are the premium choice. They are crafted from multiple layers of fine dental porcelain. Each veneer is tailored to match the color, shape, and size of your teeth, providing a solution that mimics the translucency and gloss of natural teeth.
  • Composite veneers: These veneers are made from a composite resin and can be crafted in our office or a dental lab. They are a cost-effective alternative to porcelain and are ideal for less complex aesthetic changes. However, they may be more prone to staining and typically do not last as long as porcelain.
  • Instant veneers: These are prefabricated and come in various sizes and shapes. While instant veneers offer a quick solution, they lack the custom fit, natural appearance, and longevity of porcelain or composite veneers, so we do not recommend them.

The Veneer Application Process

Dental Veneers in Wayne, NJ | Dr. Bruce Fine | Fine Dental CareThe process of applying veneers involves several precise steps to ensure the best fit and appearance:

  1. Tooth preparation: Each tooth designated for a veneer undergoes a preparation process where we remove a small amount of enamel—typically less than one millimeter. This preparation is crucial as it allows the veneer to fit flawlessly without appearing bulky.
  2. Custom veneer fabrication: Creating your veneers depends on the type you choose. For porcelain veneers, we will take impressions or digital scans after preparing the tooth. We send these to a dental lab, where your custom veneers will be created. Composite veneers may fabricated right in our office. We will apply the composite to the tooth’s surface in layers, sculpting the material to ensure the end result meets your aesthetic goals.
  3. Bonding: For porcelain veneers, once the veneers are ready, we will carefully bond them to your natural teeth using a durable adhesive. We harden the adhesive with a special curing light, ensuring the veneers are securely attached. We use this same type of light to cure composite veneers.

Why Choose Veneers?

Opting for dental veneers at Fine Dental Care means choosing a path to a brighter, more aligned, and attractive smile. Veneers enhance the aesthetic appearance of your teeth and offer a sense of confidence in your smile. They can withstand the demands of everyday life while providing a look that’s as close to your natural teeth as possible.

Arrange a Veneer Consultation Today at Fine Dental Care

If you’re considering dental veneers and want to learn more about how they can transform your smile, contact Fine Dental Care in Wayne, NJ. Our team is here to guide you through the process and help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.