Dentist Serving Glen Rock, NJ

Fine Dental Care is delighted to serve the Glen Rock, NJ, community, providing a range of dental services. Our practice offers general dentistry, dental implants, periodontal treatments, crowns, Invisalign, teeth whitening, and more.

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Directions From Glen Rock, NJ

  1. Dentist Serving Glen Rock, NJ | Dr. Fine | Fine Dental CareTurn right onto Rock Rd
  2. Turn left onto Lincoln Ave
  3. Turn right onto Warburton Ave
  4. Turn left onto Goffle Rd
  5. Turn right onto N 8th St
  6. Turn right onto Brown Ave
  7. Turn left onto N 15th St
  8. Turn right onto Haledon Ave
  9. Turn left onto W Haledon Ave
  10. Turn right onto Central Ave
  11. Turn left onto Oldham Rd
  12. Turn right onto Preakness Ave
  13. Turn right
  14. Turn left
  15. Turn right
  16. Turn right
  17. Fine Dental Care will be on the right