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Oral Health & Wellness

Oral Health & Wellness
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Dental problems can be invisible and painless, and that is why it is important to get regular check-ups at our office. Many patients think they only need to come in when they are experiencing pain, but we’ve had patients come in with tooth in hand, broken down to the gum line, who never experienced any pain. We are here to help you. 

Oral health is a key part of overall well-being and physical health.

Multiple studies have shown that excellent oral health (brushing, flossing, use of a Waterpik, and regular dental cleanings) has a significant impact on your life and can change your past history of dental problems to a healthy, stable oral health for the rest of your life. Cavities and gum disease are purely bacterial infections. Plaque is a sticky mass of millions of bacteria and food. By keeping your teeth clean through brushing, flossing, using a Waterpik, and seeing your dentist on a regular basis, you keep the mouth free of harmful bacteria, infection and inflammation and help to prevent the entry and spread of germs or illness throughout the body. Having strong, healthy teeth, gums and proper bite are also critical to a beautiful and healthy smile. For patients who have already experienced tooth loss, implants can help repair and maintain oral and overall health by replacing natural teeth and minimizing bone loss. Fluoride varnish, even as adults, keeps teeth strong, healthy, and good-looking, preventing cavities and helping to maintain any existing fillings or crowns. 

Poly-Vi-Flor is a prescription multivitamin that incorporates fluoride for those who do not receive adequate fluoride through drinking water. Most who have taken Poly-Vi-Flor from infancy through puberty have not gotten cavities, while those who have not taken Poly-Vi-Flor are more likely to have cavities and tooth loss. Fluoride is an amazing mineral that strengthens our enamel to prevent cavities. This was discovered many many years ago when people in parts of the country did not get cavities like everyone else did. it was discovered that the natural water they drank contained fluoride, contributing to their excellent dental health. 

Tartar and calculus are mineralized plaque, where the bacteria has hardened (or become mineralized) like coral in the sea, and just the like fish that like to hang out by the coral, bacteria tend to hang out by the tartar and calculus. 

Great oral health helps you to have a fantastic life and a great, great smile!
We are here to help you achieve this goal!

Great oral health contributes to your overall health by allowing you to:

  • Eat and chew healthy, nourishing foods
  • Defend your body against infection and illness
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Enjoy a feeling of well-being
  • Have the confidence to smile

Recognizing the important connection between the mouth and the body, we routinely watch for signs of problems that may affect your overall health such as:

  • Signs of oral cancer
  • Ability to chew and eat without unnecessary sensitivity
  • Quality of sleep by checking for evidence of bruxism (or teeth grinding) and also watching for signs of snoring and sleep apnea

Although scientific research is just beginning to provide us with more conclusive information, it is clear that there are critical links between oral health and other health problems. Here are a few examples:


Snoring may appear to be a minor inconvenience, but it is actually something we take seriously in our office. Snoring can lead to dementia and stroke due to vibration that can cause plaque in the arteries to loosen and flow into your brain via the bloodstream. 

Sleep Apnea

With crowded teeth, you are more likely to have cavities and sleep apnea, due to the fact that there is not enough room in the mouth for the tongue. When this is the case, the tongue tends to fall into the back of the mouth, resulting in sleep apnea. Orthodontics and aligners can help improve sleep apnea. 


Research has indicated that people with diabetes are more at risk for developing gum disease and that diabetics who have advanced periodontal disease may experience some additional challenges in managing their blood sugar.

Systemic Diseases

Although the scientific research at this point remains inconclusive, these diseases appear to have a link to periodontal conditions:

Osteoporosis – Bone loss not only affects the bones that support healthy posture and movement, but can affect the jaw bone and lead to tooth loss due to the loss of a solid foundation to support the teeth.

Respiratory Disease – The aspiration of bacteria growing in the oral cavity can contribute to the development of respiratory diseases such as pneumonia.

Cancer – According to the American Academy of Periodontology, men with gum disease are more likely to develop specific types of cancer such as kidney, pancreatic and blood cancers.

Scientists are also currently researching to determine if there is a correlation between gum disease and heart disease, memory, and pre-term or low birth weight babies.

By visiting our office for regular cleanings and exams, you increase your ability to achieve and maintain optimal oral health, and prevent gum disease and associated health risks.
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