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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Wayne, NJ: Why Is It Essential?

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Anthropologists once believed that wisdom teeth were essential for the ancient people due to their diets which are comprised mostly of rough, hard foods. In today’s time, people do not need to do much for their teeth since several techniques, and even utensils are available to make eating much easier. Some may not experience any problem during its eruption; however, most people do. And as much as dentists want to save their patients’ teeth, in the case of wisdom teeth, extraction is often the best solution to prevent its adverse effects.

To help patients avoid any oral problems during the growth of these teeth, here are the common reasons why extraction is the best course of action when it comes to wisdom teeth.

  • There are times where wisdom teeth do not fully emerge from the gums. If this happens, it is more likely to cause complications due to its location in the mouth. It is quite difficult to spot the teeth, let alone reach it with toothbrush bristles to clean it. Its partial eruption leaves a space in the gums where harmful bacteria and food particles can accumulate. If left unattended, it can cause various issues including gum disease. Having the teeth removed is the best form of prevention one can perform.
  • Wisdom teeth at times may also grow in different angles on the jaw. It can even erupt horizontally which lets it remain trapped within the jaws. The term usually used is “impacted,” and this often causes infections and damage to the adjacent teeth or other oral structures.
  • It can often result in overcrowding especially to those who do not have enough space on their jaws. Its continuous growth can cause damage to the neighboring teeth, which if left untreated, may require a certain dental procedure for its correction.
  • Misalignment can also occur since the eruption of a wisdom tooth can push other teeth aside to make room for itself. People who experience this often require orthodontic treatments to correct the change in alignments, which is not healthy for the teeth and other structures.

So is there still a need for wisdom teeth? Well, as long as it is growing without causing any pain and problems to its surrounding teeth, it is okay to let it erupt. But if you are worried about the adverse effects it might cause, we at Fine Dental Care got you covered! Extractions may have gained its negative reputation, but there is no need to worry for we make sure that our patients will feel completely comfortable and safe during the procedure.

Looking for a procedure that can alleviate your pain and worries during the eruption of your wisdom teeth? Book an appointment with us! Fine Dental Care has a caring and dedicated staff to help you feel pleasant during your Wisdom Tooth Treatments in Wayne, NJ and other dental needs.

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