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What’s the Right Time for Wisdom Teeth Removal in Wayne?

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Wisdom teeth also known as the third set of molars make their first appearance between the ages of seventeen and twenty – five. They grow in the back of your mouth and might not be necessary to remove if they do not cause any pain, they are growing healthily, they grow completely, their position to grow and erupt is fine, and they are being accessed to daily cleaning life brushing and flossing. Wisdom teeth usually grow haphazardly, without proper room for them to grow. They might grow at weird angles in your mouth, sometimes horizontally and can cause various problems and dental issues.

At our clinic, The Fine Dental Care in Wayne, 07470, our team of professionals has over three decades of experience in dealing with various cases where wisdom teeth have caused problems to arise in our patient’s mouth, thereby disrupting their daily lifestyle and their mental peace. Wisdom teeth, during their growth, can be very painful and their pain and issues are developing due to that must be addressed efficiently. For this, you will need the assistance of experienced and qualified professionals to help you out, and we believe we are experienced enough to provide you with all kinds of assistance necessary for the same. Our team lead by Dr. Bruce Fine is an exceptionally brilliant team to deal with dental care issues and feel proud and satisfied to give you the happier smiles you have always deserved.

If wisdom teeth are not dealt with properly, they might cause various other problems for you. They can give you pangs of pain and anxiety, swelling, various kinds of infections, tooth decay, cysts, crowding of teeth at the back of your mouth. To prevent all these symptoms and other kinds of damages, removing your third molars or the wisdom teeth as we call them, becomes necessary. Various dentists recommend this removal at various stages of life.

Some recommend removing them at a younger age even before they are formed and even before their roots and bones are developed. While the American Dental Association recommends the removal as necessary as and when you feel pains, cysts, decay and damage to nearby teeth, and other such symptoms.

We as a team look for various signs and assess the development of your third set of molars. If there are signs of damage to your teeth or your gums or your overall dental health, we would recommend you to get your wisdom teeth removed. We would also recommend you to regularly visit us if you are in the ages of 17-25 for regular check-ups and regular monitoring of signs related to the development of your wisdom teeth.

At our clinic, various sedation methods are used to give you a relaxed environment and a pain-free treatment to remove your third set of molars, if needed. We will help you alleviate any discomfort as and when it occurs.

Consult us to know more about wisdom teeth and their removal. Visit us – 600 Valley Rd. Wayne, NJ, 07470. Or call us – (973) 475-8898.

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