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The Solution for White Spots on Teeth in Wayne, NJ

Fine Dental Care
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BY Fine Dental Care

White spots that form during an orthodontic treatment can ruin a person’s effort in achieving the smile they have always dreamed of. Fortunately, there are effective ways to get rid of these unsightly patches. But how did they form in the first place? Plaque, the leading culprit to most oral complications, is also the cause of the condition. That is why patients who are wearing braces are advised to clean their teeth properly even if it poses quite a challenge.

The accumulation of plaque can cause the loss of minerals on the teeth; an occurrence referred to as decalcification. Although the formation of white spots is a common aftereffect of braces, it could also be caused by genetics, fluorosis (excessive fluoride intake), enamel hypoplasia, poor hygiene, and nutrition. Do know that its prevention is highly possible as long as the patient practices proper oral care. But for patients who have already developed the said condition, we at Fine Dental Care happen to offer an effective white spot removal procedure in the form of MI Paste.

What is an MI Paste?

It is a dental approach that has proven to be useful for many instances like the management of tooth sensitivity. MI Paste can also combat enamel erosion, handles acid imbalance, improves salivary function, and it is even used after a scaling and root planing treatment. It was also discovered to eliminate white spot lesions or WSLs effectively.

Our practice took advantage of this ability to support our patients who have been hoping to achieve their most-wanted smile after an orthodontic approach. It is also for the people who have always been conscious of the white spots on their enamel. After the treatment of the MI paste, patients can then avail of professional teeth whitening to get a more even whitening effect on the teeth.

How does the paste work?

MI Paste is a sugar-free and water-based cream that is applied to the teeth to rebuild and protect the enamel—thanks to the phosphate and calcium ingredients that are necessary for strengthening the teeth. By reconstructing the enamel, the traces of decalcification or demineralization will be corrected to restore the teeth’s appearance and health.

To know more about the treatment, feel free to ask us any questions. Our team will be more than happy to satisfy our patients’ curiosity about any dental service.

Restore the teeth’s appearance while strengthening them through White Spot Removal Treatment under Teeth Whitening in Wayne, NJ. Aside from this, we also offer Professional Smile Whitening or Custom Take-Home Trays for best results. Call us at Fine Dental Care to book your appointment!

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