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The “Implant Teeth Today” Dental Implant Solution

Fine Dental Care
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The “Implant Teeth Today” dental implant solution is our revolutionary patent pending treatment option for someone who has lost all their teeth, has failing teeth, is missing many teeth, or is just fed up with their dentures. “Now it’s possible to go from a mouth with many dental problems, to having teeth with no problems, in just a matter of hours,” says Dr. Bruce Fine, of Fine Dental Care in Wayne, NJ.

Traditional Dentures: A Thing of the Past
In the past the only solution to these issues has been traditional dentures, but with the “Implant Teeth Today” treatment option, the missing teeth are replaced by fixing a beautiful new set of teeth in place with as little as four dental implants, using state of the art computer technology, in as little as 90 minutes. This modern procedure reduces a patient’s treatment time, lowers the cost, and increases the precision of treatment, thereby increasing the success rate to virtually eliminate any problems compared to other dental implant solutions. More comfortable, more beautiful, and much more secure than removable dentures, patients tell us it’s like they have their own teeth again.

Implants: A Superior Alternative to Bone Grafting
In many cases, the “Implant Teeth Today” treatment eliminates the need for bone grafts. Amazingly, teeth with the look and feel of natural teeth are fitted the same day of treatment, while the dental implants are integrating in place. “So patients leave the office with a full set of teeth,” says Dr. Fine. Then, in approximately four to six months, the final set of teeth is inserted, making it possible for the patient to put all of their dental issues behind them once and for all. In fact, most patients only need Novacaine at a single visit; all the other visits (usually around five from start to finish) are pain-free and comfortable.

Ready to Improve Your Quality of Life? Learn More Today
If you’d like to find out more about the “Implant Teeth Today” solution, or are interested in discovering what modern options are available for your specific dental needs, you can schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Fine at his Wayne office, Fine Dental Care, by calling (973) 633-5440. Or for more information, visit

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