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Teeth Grinding: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment in Wayne, NJ

Fine Dental Care
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BY Fine Dental Care

Occasional grinding, or medically known as bruxism that is commonly experienced by many people does not bring any harm. However, if it takes place on a regular basis, it may lead to the development of oral problems.

Some possible causes of the said condition are anxiety, stress, missing teeth, an abnormal bite, crooked teeth, or even sleep apnea. Since the problem can occur even when the patient is sleeping, they may not know that they experience bruxism. The ones who usually notice this are their bed partners or family members since an irritating sound is produced once the teeth come in contact. For our patients at Fine Dental Care, we listed down some of the common signs to watch out for with bruxism.

Symptoms of Bruxism

  • Sleep disruptions
  • Head, ear, and facial pain
  • Increased teeth sensitivity
  • Traces of wear on the teeth
  • Broken teeth or prostheses
  • Locking of the jaw
  • Pain in the jaw joint (TMJ or temporomandibular joint)

If bruxism is left untreated, the teeth are more likely to chip and break. This calls for the need of restorative works to have the teeth mended for it to be fully used. If the teeth are beyond saving, it may need to be replaced with dental implants or dentures.

At the same time, the condition can also cause problems on the jaw. Excessive teeth grinding and clenching can affect the temporomandibular joint which acts as the hinge that connects the jaw to the skull. Additionally, bruxism can lead to a disorder (TMJ/TMD) that can affect how a person does things normally like when eating, chewing, yawning, and its other regular functions.

At Fine Dental Care, we take it as our priority to provide only the best dental services available for our patients. Instead of settling on the usual appliance recommended to counter bruxism, we took advantage of the technological advances. With the cutting-edge tech emerged a more comfortable dental appliance that has been approved by the FDA in the form of NTI-tss Plus!

What are you waiting for? Get added protection to your teeth with an oral appliance to counter Teeth Grinding in Wayne, NJ. Book your appointment with Fine Dental Care! Our dental office is located at 600 Valley Rd, Wayne, NJ 07470.

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