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Quick-Fix for Teeth Troubles in Wayne, NJ with Dental Bonding

Fine Dental Care
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Contour is a popular word used for makeups nowadays, but what people do not know is that their teeth can also have some contouring. It goes especially to those people who have teeth irregularities that can be fixed by getting a minimally invasive procedure. It is applicable for irregularities such as chips, cracks, discolored, excessive spaces, or misshapen teeth. People who are not too confident about the shape of their teeth can undergo the procedure for its correction.

Cosmetic Tooth Bonding is a procedure performed by a dentist where they use tooth-colored materials that can be directly applied to the teeth. The material can be easily manipulated and formed depending on the need of the patient’s teeth for it to appear as natural as possible.

At Fine Dental Care, we would like our patients to achieve a beautiful looking smile by using a straightforward yet effective procedure in the form of Dental Bonding. It can correct multiple dental concerns which makes it an ideal solution for everyone who wants to get that beautiful and natural-looking smile.

How is it Dental Bonding Applied?

Dental Bonding is one of the easiest cosmetic procedure performed by a dentist in providing better-looking teeth. The procedure is ideal for patients who want to receive a minimally invasive treatment to have the smile they have always wanted.

  • The dentist uses a shade guide to make sure that the material to be used closely resembles the color of natural teeth for it to appear natural.
  • If the tooth-colored material is ready, the teeth to be treated with the bonding material will be slightly etched to roughen the surface. It ensures the proper bond of the material used to the teeth for it to be more secure.
  • A conditioning liquid will then be applied to the treated teeth for the bonding material to adhere properly.
  • Once ready, the tooth-colored bonding material will be applied and formed manually by the dentist to resemble the other healthy teeth structures.
  • If the bonding material is placed and formed, a special blue light will then be used to hasten the hardening process.
  • After hardening, the dentist would check and perform necessary adjustments to ensure the bonding will not affect the proper occlusions of the teeth during chewing, talking, and smiling.
  • The site of the dental bonding material will then be polished to make sure that the teeth appear as natural and flawless as regular teeth.

To ensure the longevity of a Dental Bonding material, avoid the excessive intake of strong colored substances, avoid using the teeth as a tool, and practice proper dental hygiene. Dental Bonding corrects teeth imperfections and also boosts the overall wellness of a patient.

Give your smile a boost! Book an appointment with Fine Dental Care and check out our Dental Bonding in Wayne, NJ for teeth improvements. We are located at 600 Valley Rd, Wayne, NJ 07470.

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