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Modern No-Drill Treatments Remove White Spots From Teeth

Fine Dental Care
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Many people go through life with white spots on their front teeth because they believe nothing can be done about the white spots without damaging their teeth. “In this day and age, it’s simply no longer the case,” says Dr. Bruce Fine, of Fine Dental Care in Wayne. “White spot lesions are a disturbance in the teeth’s enamel and due to advancements in modern dentistry, these spots can be removed without drilling.”

What Causes White Spots?
Blemishes on a tooth’s smooth enamel surface are an aesthetic problem. The more severe the spots, the worse the appearance. These tooth blemishes are present due to one or a combination of these factors: decalcification, enamel mottling, congenital defects, interference in the formation of enamel, or demineralization of the enamel matrix. Any of these causes can result in an unpleasing appearance of one’s smile, but there is hope.

Gentle Removal of Unsightly White Spots
Through continuing advances in material science and restorative techniques, a dentist is able to recreate the look of nature. Beyond that, the most conservative aesthetic restorative procedures involve no tooth removal at all, which means no drilling. A variety of developments in micro-technology allow for minimally invasive treatments to correct unsightly white spots. “Those days are long gone when someone had to go through life embarrassed by white spots on their teeth because they thought it was impossible to get rid of them,” says Dr. Fine. “There are now modern, no-drill treatments that can remove these spots.”

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