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Local Dentist Solves Complex Implant Case

Fine Dental Care
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BY Fine Dental Care

Dr. Bruce Fine of “Fine Dental Care” in Wayne has seen many complex dental cases in his 25 years as a dentist, and to this day continues traveling the U.S. and abroad to remain in touch with the latest in Dental Technology – especially Dental Implant techniques. It’s that reputation which led Northern N.J. resident, “John A.” to Dr. Fine with his complex dental case.

John’s Difficult Case
John felt no pain but was aware that something was wrong. The problem did not show up on a normal X-Ray. However, it did show up clearly on Dr. Fine’s “PreXion 3D Scanner,” which creates a 3D view of the patient’s anatomy. 3D scanning is a new technology and Dr. Fine was one of the first to bring this to our area. John had an infection that abscessed from a group of failed root canals performed over two decades ago. The infection caused a hole in his skull near the upper jaw.

Besides the hole needing to be addressed, there wasn’t any bone left over the three back teeth in question, thus exposing his maxillary sinus. And to complicate things further, a sinus lift had to be performed because without bone, the sinus membrane drooped down over the roots of the infected teeth in question.

Dr. Fine’s Advanced Treatment Plan
To solve this case, Dr. Fine performed two separate procedures: in the first, he removed the three back teeth, cleaned out the infection and, utilizing a small amount of the patient’s own blood, created PRGF (Plasma Rich In Growth Factors) to regenerate enough bone to close the hole in the skull and support dental implants for the three back teeth. PRGF is one of the latest biotechnological breakthroughs in wound healing, not only in dentistry but in all areas of medicine. It accelerates healing and speeds the regeneration of lost tissues through usage of the patient’s own natural biology.

By the time the second procedure was performed six months later, the PRGF had regenerated enough bone to close the hole in the skull, and enough solid bone over the three back teeth that Dr. Fine was able to place the three implants, while lifting the patient’s sinus membrane over the new bone and teeth.

A Satisfied Patient
“If it wasn’t for such a high level of medical proficiency demonstrated by Dr. Fine, there wouldn’t have been any way to place three new teeth in the back of my mouth,” says John. “I am very thankful to Dr. Fine. My mouth now feels normal and I know nothing is wrong. I feel great.”

If anyone with dental concerns of their own would like to speak to John A. about his dental experience, contact Dr. Fine’s office. John would be happy to tell you about the wonderful care he received.

For information call Dr. Fine at his Wayne office “Fine Dental Care” at 973-633-5440. Or visit his web site,

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