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Implant Teeth Today Seminars

Fine Dental Care
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“Digital technology now allows us to place dental implants and the teeth that are fixed to them painlessly with the highest degree of precision in the shortest amount of time,” says Dr. Bruce Fine of Fine Dental Care in Wayne, N.J. We can now replace a full set of dentures with a set of teeth that are fixed in place like your natural teeth in as little as 90 minutes.

Dr. Fine uses a patent pending process that allows his patients to never be without teeth. These teeth are not removable, do not move, and are indistinguishable from the teeth you were born with.

Implant Teeth Today: A Powerful Advancement
Five visits is all it takes to go from dentures or loose teeth or no teeth or hopeless teeth to teeth that are permanently fixed in place. Only one visit requires Novacaine; all other 4 visits are pain-free. Dentures and other tooth problems can lead to health problems, an inability to eat all your favorite foods; taste your favorite flavors; to smile comfortably; and to talk normally. However with Implant Teeth Today, all these issues can become a thing of the past.

Digital technology allows Dr. Fine to take a 3D image of your mouth. The 3D image is the most advanced form of dental digital imaging available. It allows diagnostics never before possible. The virtual image is then used by the doctors at Fine Dental Care to precisely plan the placement of implants and the teeth. Computer processing allows the precise placement of the implants, and the fabrication of the most beautiful teeth possible. Precise placement through digital technology has allowed Dr. Fine to have 100% success with Implant Teeth Today in dozens of patients.

Dr. Fine’s Distinctions in Implant Dentistry
Dr. Fine is famous for being the first dentist on the East Coast to perform the Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation technique as seen on TV with Dr. Jay Adlersberg, Dr. Max Gomez, and others. Fine Dental Care is a leader in many areas of Dentistry.

Call to Learn More About Our Upcoming Seminars!
Dr. Fine and the team at Fine Dental Care occasionally hold seminars on dental implants and Implant Teeth Today, which are valuable opportunities for prospective candidates to learn more about this revolutionary restorative procedure.

We offer great incentives to the first enrollees in our dental implant seminars, and seating is limited. To learn about our next seminar, call Dr. Bruce Fine at his Wayne office, “Fine Dental Care” at (973) 633-5440. Or visit to learn more.

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