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How Can Dental Implants Improve Denture Function in Wayne?

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Dental implants can be used to better denture function. Dentures, as it turns out, can be plugged with implants so that they do not move from their position. Attachment of the dentures with implants will help secure them in such a way that no shifting of their position happens. Dentures which are firmly in place function more like natural teeth. With this, chewing and talking, too, become more natural.

Are dentures enough?

Dentures to help in restoring the functionality of teeth. This to a certain degree. With dentures, users experience a certain level of difficulty in chewing some foods.

What are implants?

When a tooth or teeth are missing, one can have artificial implants placed inside the jawline. A little piece of titanium implant is inserted into the jawbone. This begins functioning as the root of the tooth. After this, a dental crown is attached to it, and this is the actual tooth portion. An implant has dual purposes. It is like an anchor for a denture. Or it can be a like a tooth itself.

Some people who use dentures have two to four implants placed along the lower jaw. These are attached to each other, offering more stability to the dentures. With this, more firmness comes into actions like chewing and talking. The implant also acts as a stimulant to the jaw bone. This will help in averaging a good bone density. If teeth go missing, the bone density in the jaw decreases. With the presence of implants, this reduction is done away with since there is some stimulation given to the jaw bone due to the implants in them.

However, getting implants is not a very simple line of treatment. Initially, the dental surgeon takes x-rays of the jawbone and teeth. The date of the surgery is then decided. During the second visit, the titanium posts are inserted into the jaw bone. Healing of this takes three to six months. Impressions of dental attachments are then made. Finally, at the fourth outing to the dental surgeon, the dentures are fixed. When used in tandem with dental implants, like mentioned before, the dentures are firmly secured to the jawline and normal or very close to normal teeth functions can resume.

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