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Historic FDA Clearance for Dental Laser Treatment

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On March 15, 2016, for the first time ever, the FDA announced: “Periodontal regeneration – true regeneration of the attachment apparatus (new cementum, new periodontal ligament, and new alveolar bone) on a previously diseased root surface, was achieved specifically in the LANAP® Protocol.”

A Breakthrough Treatment for Gum Disease
People suffering from gum disease now have a treatment option that can regenerate the destruction caused by gum disease: LANAP®. The procedure is done with a laser, the Periolase MVP-7, and there are only a handful of dentists in our area who have this advanced technology in their offices and are specifically trained in the LANAP Protocol. What this means is dental professionals have access to an FDA approved laser which can be used to regenerate tissue that has been lost to gum disease. “Advanc-es in dental technology continue to make our lives easier and less painful,” says Dr. Bruce Fine of Fine Dental Care in Wayne. “With this technology, tissue can actually be regenerated and become healthy again.”

The LANAP Procedure
The LANAP® Procedure (which stands for “Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure”) is a laser procedure for the treat-ment of gingivitis or periodontitis (gum disease). The procedure targets pigmented cells, such as disease causing bacteria and diseased tissue, without actually touching healthy cells or healthy tissue. This laser-based approach for treating gum disease is far more comfortable than the gum surgery alternative: it’s less pain-ful; there’s reduced risk of infection; faster healing; less bleeding; less post-treatment discomfort; and little to no gum recession.

How Periodontal Disease Develops
Brushing, flossing and regularly scheduled dental cleanings remove plaque from teeth. However, if plaque is allowed to build-up, it builds up above and below the gum line, hardens and be-comes calculus. Calculus deposits contain bacteria that can infect the gums and lead to gingivitis. This is usually characterized by red, swollen gums, and/or gums bleeding during brushing. Bad breath and/or an unpleasant taste in the mouth are also classic symptoms.

If left unchecked, the gum infection gingivitis progresses to periodontitis, a much more serious form of disease that infects the bone. Periodontal pockets form, causing teeth to begin to sepa-rate from gums and supporting bone structure. If still left untreat-ed, infection becomes severe and pockets deepen, resulting in lost teeth.

Treating Periodontal Disease Through LANAP Innovation
The only way to repair the damage caused by gum disease is to get rid of the infection and close the pockets. Before the LANAP® procedure was introduced, that meant a painful proce-dure that involved surgery and stitches. “But with today’s technol-ogy, we have a laser-based treatment which not only makes the painful gum surgery of yesteryear obsolete,” says Dr. Fine, “But new advances in tissue regeneration are taking place. It’s amaz-ing.”

Call Dr. Fine To Learn More
If you have any questions about the Periolase MVP-7 and the LANAP® procedure, feel free to call Dr. Bruce Fine at his Wayne office, “Fine Dental Care” at (973) 633-5440. Or for more information, visit

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