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Get New Teeth Within the Day with Teeth-In-A-Day!

Fine Dental Care
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BY Fine Dental Care

Tooth loss can affect a person’s life. Aside from making them more self-conscious when communicating with other people, missing teeth may often lead to imperfections and complications like gapped, crooked, or crowded teeth, as well as gum disease.

As the years passed, several advances in dental care have been made available. One of these is a procedure that enables people with missing teeth to get a second chance with their smile, in just a single day! Teeth-in-a-day, as its name implies, provides a person with an immediate solution to tooth loss. This procedure significantly decreases the wait time with both traditional dentures and implants.

Aside from having it right away, here are other benefits surrounding this state of the art creation:

  • Teeth-in-a-day restorations are designed to mimic the look and feel like natural teeth.
  • Patients can freely and comfortably flaunt their new set of teeth without any worries.
  • The installation of the dental restoration can be finished and enjoy at the same day! No more hassle in wearing any temporary prosthesis.
  • Compared to a traditional dental implant procedure, the possibility of the patient needing a bone grafting procedure is much lesser. At times, it won’t even be needed at all.
  • A hassle-free alternative to dentures.
  • Long-term success and comfort are guaranteed.
  • With teeth-in-a-day, eating your favorite foods would no longer be a problem since, like traditional implants, it offers better stability and comfort.

At Fine Dental Care, we offer teeth-in-a-day or also referred to as implant teeth today, for people who are looking for an immediate dental restoration. With implant teeth today, as few as four implant posts will be surgically and strategically placed on the jawbone to hold the dentures securely in place. With it, patients can come in unhappy with their current smile and then leave feeling whole with their newly restored smile!

Bring out your best smile with Teeth-in-a-Day in Wayne, NJ by booking your appointments with Fine Dental Care! Call and visit us at 600 Valley Rd. Wayne, NJ 07470 so that you will experience outstanding results while we make your teeth look naturally beautiful and healthy.

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