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Finding Solutions for Loose Teeth, Missing Teeth, and No Teeth

Fine Dental Care
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There are more people than most of us realize who are walking around out there with loose teeth, missing teeth, and no teeth. Some have even given up, convinced their condition is a normal process of aging that they can’t do anything about.

“But nothing could be further from the truth,” says Dr. Bruce Fine of Fine Dental Care in Wayne. “There are now effective, modern solutions that can turn things around, and give people their teeth, health and confidence back.”

Modern Restorative Treatments
Not too long ago, losing teeth created a domino effect of further tooth loss, which eventually led to the need to wear traditional dentures. It’s no wonder many people, especially those up in age, figured: “If I leave things in my mouth the way they are for as long as I can, stay away from treatment (or in some cases the dentist altogether), hopefully I can put off dealing with dentures until much later.” This is an good example of the truth of the old saying, “Ignore your teeth and they’ll continue to go away.” But the good news is, it no longer needs to be this way!

In this modern age of dental advancements, people should realize the new standard of care is replacing teeth through dental implants. In many cases, even the bone necessary to support teeth is being re-grown through painless treatments. “Unlike the days of old, we can save people’s teeth through uses in modern dental technology,” says Dr. Fine. But the process can only start when someone takes the first step by going to a dental professional.

Fine Dental Care: A Leader in Dental Implant Solutions
If you’d like to learn what modern solutions are available for loose teeth, missing teeth, or ill fitting dentures, our office occasionally offers seminars on dental implants. There will be an explanation of the modern techniques that are painless, and work. Everyone can also take an office tour where the technologically advanced equipment used by Dr. Fine will be explained.

If preferred, a private, personal consultation with Dr. Fine can also be scheduled by calling 973-633-5440. Or for more information, visit

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