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FDA Approves New Miracle Drug – Stops Cavities

Fine Dental Care
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BY Fine Dental Care

An FDA approved cavity-fighting liquid, Silver Diamine Fluoride (S.D.F.) which has been used in Japan for decades, is now available here in the United States. gaining traction in dentist’s offices across the United States. S.D.F. is a clinically applied fluoride treatment used to stop cavities and prevent their further progression. “It’s a wonder drug,” says Dr. Fine of Fine Dental Care in Wayne. “Some people are so fearful of Novacaine, drilling or how devastated their teeth are that they won’t go to a dentist. S.D.F. is the miracle these folks are looking for. It’s a clear liquid that is brushed on and rinsed off to stop the decay from going any further and it desensitizes the tooth as well.”

Dental professionals are also using S.D.F. in cases where very young children are so terrified by Novacaine or drilling they’re not able to be treated, or whose parents don’t want them subject to sedation or general anesthesia to have restorative dentistry done. Same with special needs patients or elderly patients so far up in their years that they can’t tolerate extensive restorative procedures or Novacaine. Some victims of cancer or other diseases no longer produce saliva and their teeth just start to decay away, S.D.F. can slow the progress or stop it completely. The cost for an S.D.F. treatment is quite inexpensive, so this is also a way to be able to manage time and expense until dental treatment can be done.

S.D.F must be applied by a dental professional. It’s a colorless liquid which can be painted on up to five teeth at a time. The process takes two applications, a week apart, and should be applied to the affected teeth every six months to keep cavities away.

The downside is the cavities are not being drilled out and filled. This cavity stopper only halts the decay, it doesn’t fix the problem. Another downside is it turns the targeted tooth black in color, which may not matter as much if it’s a back molar.

“Obviously, the best way to treat a cavity is to drill out the decay and fill it,” says Dr. Fine,” but for cases where someone is not going to or can’t get the tooth fixed, this is an alternative to letting the tooth rot away until it’s lost or causes pain or infection”.

If you have any questions about Silver Diamine Fluoride (S.D.F.) you can call Dr. Fine at his Wayne office, “Fine Dental Care” at (973) 633-5440. Or for more information visit

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