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All about Dental Implants in Wayne, NJ

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By utilizing 3D imaging, Dr. Fine is able to provide computer guided dental implant placement right here in our Wayne, NJ office. In fact, he has a 100% success rate with each case that he has performed!

Teeth in a Day Treatments
Get a full set of teeth in as little as 90 minutes. Rather than using 2-dimensional information from traditional x-rays, our 3D imaging equipment allows us to virtually place your implants before the surgery. The patent pending procedure enables us to place implant supported beautiful teeth in a very short period of time without the need for sinus lifts.

With Implant Teeth Today, the computer guided placement tool allows for surgical precision and minimal discomfort. It also improves the bone regeneration process, allowing for optimal success on each patient. The entire process is planned out in advance of the appointment.

Dental Implants Change Lives
One of our patients recently came in to replace 3 missing teeth with implants. The entire process took only 25 minutes from start to finish. There was no cutting, no stitches, and no discomfort afterward. Just a bit of Novocain kept the area numb during the procedure. She told us it was easier than having her teeth cleaned!

Bone Regeneration
Rather than undergoing complicated surgical sinus lifts or bone grafting, your bone regeneration procedures create new bone growth to anchor your implants permanently in place for life. Using Plasma Rich and Growth Factor techniques, we can rebuild bone throughout your jaw for your implants using your own blood plasma.

Dental Implant Center of New Jersey

Dr. Fine has been working with dental implants since 1987. Each one of your procedures is completed here in our office – so you won’t have to see an expensive specialist.

Enjoy new teeth in as little as two visits. Call Fine Dental Care today to schedule your implant consultation with us!

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