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Debunking the Common Orthodontic Myths in Wayne, NJ

Fine Dental Care
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BY Fine Dental Care

Orthodontic treatments are necessary for patients who have certain teeth irregularities to keep their oral health in excellent condition. However, not everyone likes the idea of getting one due to the hassles as well as the common myths surrounding the procedure. To clear things out and for everyone to achieve the ideal smile they have always wanted, we at Fine Dental Care will be exposing the facts behind each orthodontic myth.

Braces set off metal detectors

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) assure orthodontic wearers that the metal detectors will not set off since the ones used for the appliance are not the metal they are looking for.

Metal braces will eventually rust

Dentists assure orthodontic patients that the titanium alloy used in braces will not rust even if it stays for several years in the mouth.

Orthodontic treatments are only for kids and teens

Believe it or not but braces are actually ideal for adults as well. However, most of them are more concerned with their looks than most teens do. Thankfully, the advancements in dental technology gave way to the availability of various orthodontic treatments. One of the procedures that both adults and teens are in favor with is Invisalign. It offers a more discreet, comfortable, and convenient way of straightening the teeth compared to its metal counterpart.

Playing sports is a no-no with braces

As long as custom-made mouthguards are worn, athletes with braces are free to play the sports they love. Invisalign, on the other hand, does not require any protective device for it can even serve as a mouthguard that can protect the teeth during sports.

The treatment could last for years

While this may be true with the traditional orthodontic approach, the advancements in orthodontic devices make teeth straightening faster. Patients can now attain their ideal smile within a year or even less.

Braces should be tight to work effectively

Invisalign actually fits comfortably on the teeth instead of tightly. The material used is highly flexible to apply a constant and much-controlled force to move the teeth effectively.

As you now know the truth behind the common misconceptions about orthodontics, ready to undergo Invisalign to improve your smile? Fine Dental Care got you covered!

Bring out your best smile with Orthodontics in Wayne, NJ, book your appointments with Fine Dental Care! Call us to experience an outstanding treatment in making your teeth straighter, beautiful and healthy!

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