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Caring for Dentures: The Don’ts – Wayne, NJ

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You have two options to consider after losing a tooth: live your life with an incomplete set of teeth or restore it with a prosthesis. We believe that you prefer the second choice. And when it comes to teeth replacement, our practice at Fine Dental Care is your best help! We offer dentures in our office. Then and now, the device had been the preferred alternative of people suffering from tooth loss. It is cost-effective, natural-looking, and comfortable to wear because technological advances contribute much in the improvisation of the said restorative appliance.

After getting dentures, you probably want to secure the longevity of the oral device. Dentures are still susceptible to wear and tear no matter how tough the materials used to fabricate it. That said, we listed here the important things that every denture-wearer should avoid to keep their newly restored smile withstand for years.

The Don’ts Of Dentures

We know that you love tips and tricks – especially when you got a set of removable dentures in your mouth. Don’t worry; you will not surely have a hard time dealing with the oral device as long as you keep these points.

Do not use harsh cleansers

It is understood that you want your restorative device to look fresh and clean always. Unfortunately, abrasive cleaners or toothpaste cannot do the trick. Their grainy properties will not polish the prostheses. They will leave scratches on the appliance instead.

Do not delay replacements

The maximum period for a person to enjoy the benefits of their dentures is seven years. Over time, it is not impossible for the device to experience normal wear. Remember to go back to the dentist once your dentures are showing any signs for replacements.

Do not let dentures to dry

Hydration is everything. Even dentures need to stay moist to have their shape intact. When sleeping, it is best to soak the oral device in a gentle solution.

Do not ignore dental visits

You need to allocate time to see the dentist. Visiting the dental professional will allow your oral device to be checked as well as your overall oral health. Everyone, denture-wearer or not, is bound to undergo dental checkups every six months.

Follow these tips for a smoother experience with dentures. Do you have any questions in mind? Feel free to give us at Fine Dental Care a call!

Restore your lost teeth with Dentures in Wayne, NJ. Book an appointment with us at Fine Dental Care and enjoy long years of a beautiful smile. We are located at 600 Valley Rd, Wayne, NJ 07470.

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