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Can’t Eat Due to Chemotherapy? Fine Dental Care Provides Treatment of Oral Mucositis

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Oral mucositis is a painful and often debilitating complication of chemotherapy and radiation. A common condition, mucositis is experienced by many patients during their cancer treatment. However, just because it is common does not mean it has to disrupt your life! There is hope for patients living with this condition. Dr. Bruce Fine of Fine Dental Care provides successful treatment of oral mucositis to help his patients in Wayne and the surrounding areas get back to their lives.

What is Oral Mucositis?

Mucositis occurs when chemotherapy and radiation cause the breakdown of the rapidly dividing cells. This leaves the mucosal tissues of your body open to ulcers and infection. Commonly known as the mucosa or the mucous membrane, mucosal tissue lines all body passages that interact with the air, such as your lungs, and have cells and glands that secrete mucus.

These tissues include the oral mucosa, the lining that covers your mouth. Oral mucosa is one of the most sensitive parts of your body and is particularly vulnerable to the effects of radiation and chemotherapy. The mouth is the most common place in the body to develop mucositis, which makes prevention so important.

Why is Oral Mucositis So Serious?

Oral mucositis is one of the most common and debilitating complications that result during cancer treatment, especially chemotherapy and radiation. For many patients, it can cause:

  • Severe pain in the mouth
  • Difficulty eating
  • Nutritional issues due to the inability to eat
  • Increased risk of infection

The condition is life-threatening, and patients with oral mucositis find both their overall health and quality of life greatly affected. Patients can experience changes, delays, or even an end to the timing and type of chemo and or radiation therapy.

What are the Symptoms of Mucositis?

While the symptoms of mucositis may vary, here are the common signs to watch out for:

  • Red, shiny, or swollen mouth and gums
  • Oral bleeding
  • Sores in your mouth or on your gums or tongue
  • Soreness or pain in your mouth or throat
  • Difficulty swallowing or speaking
  • Feeling of dryness, mild burning, or pain when eating food
  • Soft, whitish patches or pus in your mouth or on your tongue
  • Increased mucus or thicker saliva in your mouth

If you experience any of the above symptoms, please contact Fine Dental Care as soon as possible. A good oral care regimen can help prevent or reduce the severity of mucositis. It can also help you prevent infection through any open mouth sores that may occur. However, if you need help with your condition, you can trust Dr. Fine and our compassionate dental team.

Dr. Fine Successfully Treats Oral Mucositis

At Fine Dental Care, we understand how critical it is to help our patients living with the negative impacts of oral mucositis. We want every patient to resume a normal life and enjoy good oral health. This is why Dr. Fine is dedicated to the swift and effective treatment of oral mucositis.

By offering a range of treatments catered to his patients’ unique conditions and oral care needs, he has established a track record of successful cases. We may recommend medication, oral rinses, anti-inflammatories, and other methods. Be sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. Fine to fully understand your treatment needs, as well as the options available to you.

In one recent case, Dr. Fine was able to successfully treat his patient’s oral sores as well as reduce the swelling and inflammation she was suffering from. The patient lived with severe mouth pain and now reports being pain-free following treatment by Dr. Fine and our skilled dental professionals. No matter your condition, Dr. Fine is here to help control your symptoms, treat your condition, and provide lasting relief.

Contact us to know about Oral Mucositis Treatment in Wayne, NJ, or to schedule your appointment with Fine Dental Care! We are located at 600 Valley Rd., Wayne, NJ 07470. You can reach us at (973) 475-8898.

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