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A Local Dentist’s Approach to Snoring Relief

Fine Dental Care
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BY Fine Dental Care

Snoring, usually caused by a blockage in the airway that leads to excessive vibration of the soft palate and uvula, is become a big problem for many people. So bad in fact, that loud snoring is forcing spouses to actually sleep in separate rooms. “Snoring is a fairly common affliction and people are seeking an easy way to get some relief that doesn’t involve surgery,” says Doctor Bruce Fine, of Fine Dental Care in Wayne.

New Advances Provide Nonsurgical Relief
Up until now, a dentist’s office might not have been the first place someone would’ve looked for snoring relief, but with the advent of a dental mouth guard worn at night, specifically designed to improve/or stop snoring, the dentist’s office is turning out to be a place where people can find a nonsurgical solution to their snoring.

A Mouth Guard Can Help
This noninvasive, special type of mouthguard, custom fitted to each patient and their particular needs, can dramatically decrease the amount of snoring when worn while sleeping. It’s a modern nonsurgical approach to relieving a mild form of sleep apnea, but like all devices where precision is key to effectiveness, it must be custom fitted to an individual patient’s specific needs by a dental professional.

If you would like to understand more about what’s causing your snoring, or if you have any questions about this nonsurgical snoring relief option, you can call to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Fine at his Wayne office, “Fine Dental Care”, at 973-633-5440. Or for more information, visit

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