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3D Imaging in Dentistry

Fine Dental Care
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BY Fine Dental Care

“Not too long ago a three dimensional look at a tooth was simply unheard of. Dental professionals were only able to get a two dimensional view of what’s inside of a tooth by taking traditional x-rays,” says Dr. Bruce Fine of Fine Dental Care in Wayne, NJ. “But now, 3D technology in dentistry has raised the quality of care and comfort dentists are able to provide their patients.”

The Revolutionary Technology of the PreXion 3D Scanner
With the advent of the “PreXion 3D Scanner”, in just 17 seconds, a three dimensional view of a problem tooth, plus the 3D reconstruction of the whole area is created right in the dentist’s office. This revolutionary scanner and its high-resolution imaging has set a new standard of care for placing dental implants, solving root canal issues, and addressing complex dental problems of unknown origin. Because of the PreXion’s powerful computed tomography technology, precise measurement tools, and accurate dental implant planning, dental implant procedures utilizing it should be painless and result in perfect placement.

Perfect Placement of Dental Implants
In the many cases of dental implant failure, implant misplacement, or in situations where the problem is difficult to diagnose, a 3D scan could be the difference between a bad experience and a perfectly placed implant. “It’s an exciting time in dentistry, and I remain committed to the highest level of comfort and care available for my patients,” says Dr. Fine.

Learn More from a Personal Consultation
If you have any questions about the “PreXion 3D Scanner” and how this breakthrough technology has changed dental implant procedures or dentistry as a whole, call Dr. Bruce Fine for a personal tour of the latest equipment used in cosmetic dentistry and dental implants at his Wayne office, “Fine Dental Care” at 973-587-8011. Or for more information, visit

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