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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry Wayne NJ

Our family dental practice loves children! If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist in the Wayne, NJ area – why not consider somewhere that treats the entire family?

Your Child’s First Dental Checkup

We believe that until children are ready, it’s best not to force their first appointment on them! The key to that is getting them to feel comfortable in our office before they have their first check up. We can make their first experience positive, making all the difference for them later on!

As parents, you play a major role in preparing your child for their dentist office visits! Before you bring your child to the office, here’s what we recommend to say to your child to get them excited about their first dental check up: “Dr. Fine is going to make your teeth bright and shiny! We’re going to count your teeth! You’re going to get a goodie bag and a prize!” Positive and exciting language is key here!


A protective coating over the deep grooves of your child’s back teeth can help her avoid cavities in these hard-to-clean areas. Dental sealants take just a few minutes to apply, and greatly reduce the risk of cavities on the biting surfaces of the teeth. We recommend placing sealants on any teeth that are susceptible to cavities on the biting surface.

Fillings for Children

The thought of getting a filling may cause anxiety for you and your child. At Fine Dental Care we use a wonderful technique called Tell-Show-Do. This technique gets rid of the fear of the unknown. In very positive language, we tell and show the child/person what we are going to do. With this technique, we have had amazing results and happy patients!

Digital X-rays

Pediatric dentistry Wayne NJ

Capturing images of your child’s smile allows us to assess their tooth development, eruption patterns, and signs of infection that may not be visible. Digital x-rays reduce radiation exposure by up to 90% of a conventional x-ray. Your child will love seeing pictures of their teeth!

With convenient scheduling options, you can come by before school or after work for your family’s’ next series of check-up visits. We’re open 7 to 7! Call today to schedule.

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Our Happy Customers

"Its been two years since I stepped into Dr. Fine's state of the art office. I was so scared the first visit, but left there feeling so relaxed and confident that I was in good hands. I feel like Dr. Fine and his staff are family. Couldn't ask for a more up to date office and knowing Dr. Fine has studied hard to do thee fine job he does with his patients. Everyone makes the patient feel so comfortable. Go visit Dr. Fine. You will be very pleased"


"I am a huge fan of Dr. Fine, his staff, and his pinhole technique! I was the most nervous patient in the world but the experience was wonderful. All my questions were answered thoroughly and the results were beautiful!"


"SUPER DENTIST!!! The office is so CLEAN & INVITING!!! Everyone there is Mega Nice & Caring. His wife is adorable and a delight! Dr. Fine's care is just like his name "FINE & 1 OF A KIND" I definitely recommend him as a Dentist. Oh and the Hygienist is SIMPLY MARVELOUS!!!"

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