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Custom Dental Bridges

Custom Dental Bridges Wayne NJ

Bridges are a classic way to replace missing teeth. Similar to a crown, the prosthesis fuses an artificial crown between two functional ones. Then, it is anchored onto healthy teeth on each side of your open space. However, it is designed to look as if it were made of individual teeth, allowing it to flow seamlessly with the rest of your smile. This is highly important if the bridge is to be placed at the front of your smile.

What Makes Our Bridges Different

Most dentists match your tooth enamel and then send directions to a lab, where the restoration is made according to the directions. At Fine Dental Care, we work with a dental ceramist who is truly an artist. Our ceramist personally matches the various shades of enamel to your real smile, so that you won’t be able to tell which teeth are real and which ones aren’t.

Implant Supported Teeth

If you’re missing more than one or two teeth, it’s worth considering an implant supported bridge. Unlike restorations that are anchored onto natural teeth, this version is supported by two implants – one on either end of the prosthesis.

Caring for Your New Restoration

Dental Bridges Wayne NJ

Unlike natural teeth, a bridge requires a couple of extra steps during your daily oral hygiene routine. Use a floss threader or water flosser to clean underneath your fixed restoration, keeping the supporting teeth or implant areas healthy.

Most bridge procedures require two visits to complete. During the first phase, we will prepare the teeth that are supporting the restoration and take an impression. About two weeks later, your customized prosthesis will be ready to try in, adjust, and bond permanently in place.

We offer a full menu of tooth replacement options including implants and various denture designs for you to choose from. Call Fine Dental Care in Wayne, NJ today to schedule an evaluation.

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"Its been two years since I stepped into Dr. Fine's state of the art office. I was so scared the first visit, but left there feeling so relaxed and confident that I was in good hands. I feel like Dr. Fine and his staff are family. Couldn't ask for a more up to date office and knowing Dr. Fine has studied hard to do thee fine job he does with his patients. Everyone makes the patient feel so comfortable. Go visit Dr. Fine. You will be very pleased"


"I am a huge fan of Dr. Fine, his staff, and his pinhole technique! I was the most nervous patient in the world but the experience was wonderful. All my questions were answered thoroughly and the results were beautiful!"


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