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General Dentistry

Dentist giving young patient a teeth cleaning and preventive workAre you looking for a new dentist for your family? Our general oral health services make it easy for everyone to enjoy beautiful, healthy smiles in one convenient location. Dr. Fine provides a full line of services, including general therapies like:

Cleanings and Prevention

Regular preventive appointments allow us to pinpoint specific signs before they lead to complications like cavities or gum disease. Most of our healthy patients benefit from a cleaning every 6 months. We provide a comprehensive menu of preventive services like oral cancer screenings, 3D smile imaging, periodontal screenings, and much more.

Dental Extractions

Sometimes it’s necessary to remove a tooth before we can return your smile’s health back to its full potential. Doing so prevents badly decayed or damaged teeth from causing pain and infection. Once your tooth has been gently pulled, we can replace it with a fixed bridge or permanent dental implant.

Wisdom Teeth

Painful swelling or infection from the 3rd molars can occur if your teeth are impacted. Removing them can prevent damage to the rest of your smile. Most wisdom teeth can be comfortably extracted in our office without having to refer you to an off-site oral surgeon.

Our Comfort Menu will put your mind at ease as you sit back and relax throughout your visit – and you won’t guess where we put our TVs!

A Leader in New Jersey Dentistry

Patient having a wisdom tooth extractionDr. Fine was one of the first dentists on the East Coast to implement technology like 3D imaging, computer guided implant placements, and non-surgical Pinhole treatments for receding gumlines. Plus, we work with one of the best ceramists in the nation to create realistic restorations that look like your natural teeth. Your smile deserves the best. Call Fine Dental Care today to schedule your new patient visit.